Housing.com Android App: Hunting properties has never been so easy

For those who have to shift places frequently, the most cumbersome task will be finding a good home, in spite of the fact that there might be thousands of vacant homes, paying guest opportunities and flats in the specific region. More often than not, you get misleading information about properties and spend a lot of money in following such deals. In the long run, however, you end up in complete regression. In addition, it isn’t safe to completely depend upon those brokers, as they might fool you for their profit. For instance, if you are looking for resale flats in Pune, you might see that many options are available, but only a few of them might be ‘real’, particularly in terms of facilities and features. Nevertheless, an Android app from Housing.com — a revolutionary web-based platform to find the dream home for your different purposes, in a matter of a few clicks — is all set to change the way you deal these things! In the article, we will have a fully-fledged review of Housing.com Android application in such a way that you can understand why you should use Housing.com for Android instead of those conventional methods. First, we’ll have an introduction on Housing.com and also at its property search app for Android.

Housing.com Android App

An Introduction to Housing.com & its Android App

If you are an active on social media, you might have heard of Housing.com, which is an emerging platform for online real estate dealings. Conceived and built by a few IIT Alumni, Housing.com did not take that time to grab limelight. In addition to this innovative approach when it comes to the aspect of User Interface and representation of data, major attractive factor of Housing.com is its credibility of data. For instance, when you are checking out listings that you do see in Housing.com, let it be flats, homes, hostels, paying guest opportunities or anything else, you can be sure that even minute details of a listing, such as number of bed rooms or availability of features, will be extremely accurate in every possible manner. Thanks to the developers of this android app, Housing.com for Android does not need you to compromise on quality when compared to its main platform. Thus, despite the fact that you are depending upon one mobile device, you can get the same, unadulterated Housing.com experience. Now, we will have an overview of this application, covering its main functions and other aspects.

As we said earlier, Housing.com for Android is the compressed version of Housing.com, which is meant to work great in Android-powered Smartphones and Tablet PCs. To understand things clearly, we will talk in the ‘practical way’. For instance, suppose you have to attend an interview in Hyderabad and you want to find a good hostel or short stay PG accommodations in that specified area, as you have no other way outs. However, you could not use your PC to find the best hotel in the area. In such situations, you can install Housing.com App in your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC and use its wonderful search feature to find the best option among hundreds of real estate listings. Now, we hope you have a clearer idea on practical instances when Housing.com for Android will be helpful. So, we will move on to noticeable features and other aspects like UI of this application. Even before we begin, we do assure you that Housing.com is the best choice when you are looking for an effective property app.

Finding your Dream Home

Using Housing.com app for finding your dream home is a comparatively easy task. We had used this application, and we were really impressed by its outstanding User Interface that allows users find their dream home without having to face any sort of glitches. In order to find a home or hostel in a specific place, you have to follow some simple steps in Housing.com for Android. First, from the thumbnail-based view, you have to select the city, in which you’d like to find your dream home. Currently, the app supports a number of cities such as Delhi and Hyderabad. Once you have selected the city, you can see a page consisting of a search engine-like UI. In that page, you have to provide desired region of city, either through GPS or selecting from shown list, and perhaps some basic requirements such as number of bedroom. In addition, you have to tell the app, which option you are looking for — rent, buy, agent, or Paying Guest vacancy.

housing searching locality

Then, you have to hit the Search button, upon which you will be shown listing results that match your requirements. Just as it has been shown in Housing.com main website, you can see websites in two forms — in a visual map and as lists. You can use the method according to your convenience, and once you have done, it is all about filtering those results to find the optimum dream home of yours.

housing map view

There are a number of criteria to find the best home. For instance, if you are looking forward to find a paying guest in Gurgaon, you can filter your results in different ways such as rent range, BHK, availability of features like meals, internet, price per person, availability of furnishing, other features, etc. Similarly, when you are on ‘results’ page, you can list those results to according its price range and other aspects. Altogether, the home-finding process of this app is something great, and we had nothing to be disappointed of.

Other Features

• Accuracy & Credibility of Data: What makes Housing.com and its application much popular than others is the fact that Housing.com lists real estate deals only after checking their credibility in every possible way. So, if you see that a Paying Guest opportunity offers internet and meals facility, you can be sure of it, because the team of Housing.com would have confirmed all these aspects before making it live in Housing.com and thus its application.

• Simple UI: As a whole, User Interface of Housing.com is something great, particularly considering its sections for filtering results and posting requirements. Even if you are a newbie to Android, you would find no sort of difficulty in finding your dream home using this app.

housing list property

Our Verdict

While considering all these factors, we find no reasons not to prefer Housing.com for Android to anyone! Especially, we loved its wonderful User Interface and credibility of published data. So, we would prefer this app to everyone, who is looking for the best home out there.

Ravi is hardcore Android programmer and Android programming has been his passion since he compiled his first hello-world program. Solving real problems of Android developers through tutorials has always been interesting part for him.