The influence of the Internet on the business world is so great that even the purest mechanical tasks now depend on internet connectivity — even if it’s once in a while. With almost every employee having internet connectivity at home and work, things have become easier as well. That is why you should think about using one of the web based project management tools, regardless of whether your business is in technology or not. If you have been thinking about managing a project online, then is a simple project management software you should check out. It reinvents the way web-based work tools work, giving you more efficient collaboration with your teammates and increasing overall productivity in your organization.

We came across this awesome service lately while searching for a project management app, and thought of letting our readers know about it. So we wrote an in-depth review of Wrike, an impressive online project management software package for all your work needs. And we start everything with an introduction to Wrike.

What is Wrike, Exactly?

In simplest terms, Wrike is a way to manage your project online. It’s an online project management tool that you can use to organize work, whether you’re in or marketing. It has many integrations, a Chrome extension, and rich features. The result is that your organization can reach new heights in productivity and, hopefully, profit.


Wrike is a SaaS solution, which is the most suitable method for delivering a tool like this. Without the hassle of onsite installation, you can access all your work-related information using any web browser — or dedicated mobile apps in Android or iOS. Either way, you can enjoy the benefits of real-time collaboration, rich features, and excellent customer support. Wrike is currently available in 10 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German. Even if you have a local team, they won’t have trouble in getting started with Wrike.

Of course, there are many cool features to help with organizing work — which is why many organizations including PayPal and Capgemini have started using Wrike for their day-to-day project management needs. Let’s take a look at those features now.

What Makes Wrike Unique?

There are many project management solutions online. However, there are a few things that make Wrike stand out from all the others. We thought we should talk about the exclusive stuff, rather than listing what’s in common with everyone else.

Dedicated or Standard

Once you’ve decided to use Wrike, you have two options. First, you can use the standard package with a bunch of integrations and extendable features. Or second, you can go for a dedicated Wrike package. That is, you can purchase a customized package for your Project Management, Marketing, Creative, or Product Development teams. Instead of adjusting your requirements according to the service’s limitations, you configure the service to your needs and your workflows.

Ultimate Customizability

Most cloud-based project management tools want you to stick to standard labels and features. However, in Wrike, almost everything can be optimized. For instance, you can change Work Status labels and make some superb project templates. In short, you can customize Wrike to suit your needs. We have seen a lot of industrial companies that have customized Wrike for logistics and brainstorming. And there are many marketing agencies who have built workflows unique to their campaigns or clients.

Innovative Planning Options

No matter how small your team is, you need proper planning for better results. Keeping this in mind, Wrike has created a bunch of superb options to help you build plans and execute. Because Wrike is also a timeline software, you can use Gantt Charts for creating a timeline that shows all tasks in sequence. You could also incorporate critical path scheduling into the plan. Meanwhile there are budget management templates, resource management/ resource allocation and even effort allocation templates among several other templates that can speed up the process.


Better Collaboration

Communicating with your team is an easy task with Wrike. It’s not just about mentioning some name and discussing. There’s more. For instance, you have customizable Dashboards, which you can design so you can see what your entire team is assigned to, whereas Live Activity Stream lets you know about what is happening inside the company team. All these are enriched by real-time synchronization and multi-device support.

Potential Reporting Tools

With Wrike, it’s not just about assigning and finishing projects, tasks, and subtasks. At the end of a project, you’ll be able to make a complete Project Report and Team Report. The best thing is that you can use some trusted templates to create these reports. They are not just time-saving but also productive.

Integrations that Matter

Wrike Project Management can be integrated with your existing apps and services, including Gmail, G Suite, Box, and Dropbox. With a huge collection of compatible services, you can access almost all sections of your web-based company from the Wrike interface. Altogether, the integration options are just awesome for everyone.


Pricing and Packages

Wrike offers free, premium, and enterprise range of packages for different companies. If you are starting with less than 5 people, the free plan is fine. However, it’s only in the Professional plan that you gain complete access to Project Planning features. This will cost you $9.80 per user per month. As said, there are various other tiers available, even enterprise plans for large teams and multinational companies. That is, you can find a suitable Wrike plan no matter how large your venture is.


In light of our experience, we’d say Wrike has one of the best customer support staff ever. They’re pretty quick in repsonding to you and get you the right information or solutions in no time. You can reach the Support team via Live Chat, email, or other options. Plus the Wrike blog and Youtube channel are helpful for those who are getting started with learning Wrike. While setting up, these resources helped us quite a lot. The best part is that you can access all these support options even when you are on Wrike’s Android or iOS apps.

The Final Verdict

Considering all these details, Wrike is truly a superb online project management tool for both small and large firms. What we loved most about the package is its various options for customizability and flexibility. Depending on what you need, you can optimize the interface and features of the SaaS.

We also tried Wrike apps for Android and iOS, and they were pretty intuitive and on the mark. Considering all these points — plus, the reasonable pricing — we have more than enough reasons to recommend Wrike to our readers.

In the end, when you want to boost the overall productivity and efficiency of your team, Wrike is best.

My name is Suumit and I am Co-founder of Risemetric – a Mumbai based digital marketing agency. We help startups and corporates to grow their online presence through activities like organic SEO, AdWords, Facebook Ads and App Store Optimization.