Today’s smartphone users spend more than 85% of their time using various apps on their mobile devices. Talking about myself, this fact is very true. If you think, you can also relate to the same and hence considering a mobile app for your WordPress blog is must!

appock create your wordpress blog to android app

With Search Engine Optimization getting competitive everyday, there is a need for another avenue for bloggers/webmasters to monetize their content and the first thing that comes into the mind is — APP. You can have a native app for your blog and publish it on Playstore to start monetizing your app using various ad networks such as AdMob or you can even try affiliate marketing in your niche.

Now, when I say Native app – it’s quite different than just turning your website into responsive website. There are so many services available in the market that lets you convert your blog into app, but almost everyone is providing webview app and no one really cares about native experience.

After doing a bit of research I found – which lets you convert your WordPress blog into native Android app within just few minutes or to be precise, 3 simple steps.

1. How does Appock works?

You have to follow just three simple steps while turning your WordPress blog into native android app:

1. Submit your blog URL

Very first step is submitting your blog URL. You can go to app and enter your details such as email ID, choose password and blog URL. [Make sure your blog is running on WordPress platform]

2. Install Plugin – To enable REST APIs

Appock doesn’t store any data of your blog on their servers. In order to allow real-time communication between your blog and your app – you need to enable REST APIs of WordPress by installing JSON API plugin, so that your app will fetch data from your blog itself without any external requirements. Therefore, as soon as you push any new article on your blog, you’ll be able to see the same on your app too.

3. Customize your app – Paint it red or black – the way you want!

Once you install plugin successfully and activate it, you’d be able to see a live preview of your app. As you know A brand is not just your logo, website or business cards! It’s an experience – Appock allows you to upload your custom logo, app icon and change color scheme of your blog. Once this step is complete, you can choose your plan accordingly and proceed to app generation phase.

2. Appock Pricing Plans

Appock offers two flexible plans – Starter and Professional. You can compare both plans below:

As soon as you are done with the payment, you’d be redirected to final app submission page where you have to choose additional things such as – About us, Privacy page of your blog. Once you cross check everything, hit “Get My App“.

As soon as you submit your request, you would be able to see your app build request on the dashboard. You can track progress of your app generation real-time with the help of Status option. As soon as your app is generated, you’ll be notified via email as well as app download option available on your dashboard. One thing I loved about Appock is, you can generate your app as many times as you want once you buy any of their plans.

Now that you are done with the App Generation phase and you should be able to download your app APK from Appock dashboard quickly. Next step would be publishing your app to Google Play Store.

3. Publishing your app on Playstore

If you’re creating an application that you want to distribute to the public, the best way to do so is to upload your application to Google Play. Google has help specifically aimed at developers, so if you have any questions not answered by this article, it’s a great reference: Google Play for Developers Help. There is also a very useful document entitled:Publishing Checklist for Google Play that discusses what is required to publish to Google Play.

For an in-depth walk through of Google Play and the entire publishing perspective, please read the Publishing section of the Android developer documentation. It will walk you through all aspects of the publishing phase of development, as well as the Google Play developer console.

Note: Before publishing it is important to decide whether or not you want to charge money for your application. More information on this decision can be found in the You can’t charge for previously published free apps knowledge base article.

4. Appock Features

1. Unlimited Push Notifications

Connecting to your loyal readers would become so easier with the help of instant push notifications. You can either send custom push notifications Ex. Grab 40% OFF today on Amazon. Use coupon: XYZABC otherwise you can send push notification about your latest article.

2. Admob Support

If your ultimate goal is to make some money out of your mobile app, you’ve chosen right platform to develop your app. Appock allows you to integrate Google AdMob within 2 seconds. All you have to do is create an account on Google AdMob and fill up your ad unit IDs and set interval for displaying your ads.

3. Google Analytics
Tracking your app downloads, app engagement is crucial factor when you start with marketing campaigns of your app. It helps you to understand your audience clearly and accordingly you can engage them. Appock allows you to setup analytics for your app in one simple step. All you have to do is create a Google analytics account for your app and fill in your UA Code. As soon as you submit your analytics ID, it will start displayed you all the analytics on your Google Anlaytics dashboard. Here is how your Google analytics dashboard for app would look like.

Apart from these core features, you can find additional features of Appock here.

Appock Review: Final Thoughts

With Appock, creating a mobile app for Android devices based on your WordPress website can’t be easier. In just a few clicks, you can give your target audience another way to discover your content and start interacting with it. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with regular visitors, who you can bring back to your site with push notifications.

For casual bloggers, the ongoing monthly payments might be too much. However, if you plan to use your website to generate revenue or leads, then the costs involved in creating an app shouldn’t be too hard to justify.

If you can use WordPress to publish content on your blog, then you will have no trouble creating a native app via Appock. With a free testing and preview service available, you’ve nothing to lose by giving the service a try. If you do decide that an app is right for your website or online business, then the Appock team will take care of everything when it comes to getting your app built and published in the stores.

If you want to tap into the growing number of smartphone users out there, then creating an app for your WordPress website with Appock is the most rewarding way.

Ravi is hardcore Android programmer and Android programming has been his passion since he compiled his first hello-world program. Solving real problems of Android developers through tutorials has always been interesting part for him.
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    AppYet ( almost doing the same on all sites with rss feed. And it is completely free.

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      Appyet is giving webview app and not a native one! I hope you know the difference between two 🙂
      Check all features of Appock here:


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        No, it is not giving webview app. It parses rss feed and loads it in native app.

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          Okay, You can use appock and share your experience if you love Appock over appyet.


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    • No. The product is not for resale. It provide service to generate the app only.

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    This is most likely a scam. There’s no proof that the software exists or works. I would avoid.