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65% of app downloads are the result of a search in the Playstore. App reviews and app ratings are the major factors for ranking your app on higher positions on Playstore. We help you to get better reviews and ratings for your Android app.

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Delivery time: 1 Day


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You will get detailed report of your app review campaign, which includes username, review title, review body, user email, device ID, manufacturer and more. You can check format of sample report here:

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Who will review my app?

We take maximum of 2 working days to get 200 reviews. If you have chosen Standard/Basic plan, you can expect reviews delivery within 24 hours.

Within how much time I'll get reviews for my Android app?

We only employ genuine Android users from all around the world. In this way, we promote your app to the users who really want or need it. They will write a review only after they have downloaded and experienced it. However, the retention rate of apps depends on what category of your app. For instance, real estate app have high uninstall rates as compared to casual games or utility apps.

How does your system works?

Absolutely! We are here to provide a much needed platform for app developers to reach out to real Google Play customers. We provide only 100% genuine reviews from genuine users to get your app the exposure it needs to thrive. You can also check out our full app store optimization services pack if you're looking to increase visibility of your app on Google Playstore.

Your app will be featured on our community portal which has 700k users. Every day, thousands of new users across the world join our review family. They choose apps they are interested in and then download, use and leave a positive review on your app along with a five star rating. We will reward them with real money once we confirm their reviews from Google Play Store using our unique tracking system.

How can I know who reviewed my app?

- Ryan Jacob  San Francisco, CA

Let me say something. You have an service unlike others I have tried and awesome support. They recommended me some app optimization tips for my first app. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. I will order again for my next app.

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App install rate and app engagement rate both play an important role. Buying app downloads using various services available will help you to get a good user database but will definitely not help you increase the app engagement. However, to get an efficient app engagement you need to ensure you add some value to your app.

We have a team of expertise in App Store Optimization who can guide you on various aspects of app store optimization. You can definitely achieve expected rankings and exposure for your app on Playstore if you follow the guidelines provided by AndroidHive ASO team. If you're looking to have dedicated ASO consultant, feel free to write us on and we'd be glad to help you with App Store Optimization process.

How important is app install rate and app engagement rate?

Buying android app reviews and ratings can improve my rankings? Seriously?

Does Google+ 1 count maters for ranking my app on Playstore?

Buying android app reviews help you in building an authority to your application. It is one of the best ways to increase the probability of users finding your app organically on Playstore.  People read these reviews before they actually download the app and start using it. However, getting reviews for your app is a difficult since users hardly spend time in writing one even if your app is good. Thus, finding for the service with which you can buy app reviews is one of the best ways to get it done! 

Can AndroidHive team help me in increasing my app visibility on Playstore?

Getting Google+1 count for ranking an app on PlayStore is a myth! One of the best ways to get good ranking in PlayStore is to get some good rating and reviews for your app. This nowadays can be done by buying android app reviews and android app ratings from service provides available online.