Android Building Group Chat App using Sockets – Part 1

android building chat app

We have seen a large number of applications come up in the recent past, to help us connect with each other across different mediums, like Hike, Whatsapp, Viber etc. You would be surprised to learn that its rather quite easy to develop one yourself. I thought providing an insight into developing such an application would …

Android Building Free Wallpapers App – Part 2


In the 1st Part we prepared required classes for this app. In this we’ll start adding one by one screen to the app and at the end of the article we should be able to complete the application. DOWNLOAD CODE VIDEO DEMO Styling The Action Bar 12. You might noticed that this app action bar …

Android Building Free Wallpapers App – Part 1

android free wallpapers app part 2

Today I am going to show to how to build a free wallpapers app using Picasa Web Albums API. In this tutorial you can learn how to integrate multiple android components like splash screen, navigation drawer, grid view, volley library in a single app. As this tutorial seems very lengthy, I divided this into two …

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