Android adding SMS Verification Like WhatsApp – Part 1


My previous tutorial explains how to implement the user login / registration by collecting user name, email and password. But what if you want to sign up an user using their mobile number like WhatsApp, Viber by verifying their mobile number in order to get genuine users. Before going further make sure that you have …

Android Swipe Down to Refresh ListView Tutorial


You might have noticed that lot of android apps like Twitter, Google+ provides an option to swipe / pull down to refresh it’s content. Whenever user swipes down from top, a loader will be shown and will disappear once the new content is loaded. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to provide …

Android Integrating PayPal using PHP, MySQL – Part 2

android paypal integration php mysql

In the previous part Android Integrating PayPal using PHP, MySQL – Part 1, we have covered building the PayPal server side part i.e creating mysql database and writing the PHP services those interacts with android app and PayPal REST API. In this part we are going to cover the remaining things like building the android …

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