Android Location API using Google Play Services

android location api using google play services

In my previous post about Android GPS, Location Manager, I explained how to get device location (latitude & longitude) using the older android APIs. Now google introduced new way of getting device location using the Google Play Services. A newer api called FusedLocationApi was introduced which connects with GoogleApiClient and gives us the best location …

How to Play YouTube Video in Android App

Android playing youtube video

We can see lot of android apps playing videos inside the app demonstrating app overview or an intro. Storing the video inside the project will increase the app size. So instead, we can upload the video to YouTube and stream it in the app to decreases the app size. In this tutorial we are going …

Google Glass CardScrollView Example

google glass card scroll view adapter

Google Glass CardScrollView is similar to ListView that we see in android mobile. On glass you can consider each list item as a Card Item which occupies fullscreen of the glass. CardScrollView allows us to swipe through the cards either from left to right, or vice versa. This tutorial explains how to implement CardScrollView with …

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