For most of us, it is a tough job to manage computer and Smartphones simultaneously, as we will have to move/walk a lot to do so. For instance, wouldn’t that be tough for you to take Smartphone in your hand each time someone will be calling you or have texted you? Nevertheless, you can fix all these issues and hence manage both devices with the power of easiness if you use MoboRobo – the free tool for iOS and Android Smartphone management. Here, we will do a review of this mentioned tool to understand how it simplifies process of managing your Smartphone using PC. First, we will tell you about installation and first use with MoboRobo, and then will check out predominant features of this awesome Android & iOS manager.

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Installation & First Use of MoboRobo

Unlike some heavy Smartphone management tools, installing MoboRobo in your PC is an extremely simple task, as it requires you to have no previous experience at all. Since MoboRobo is a completely free tool, you have to download it from their official website. Size of installation file is 23MB, which is indeed very small when compared to others. If you have completed the download process, it will take only a few seconds for MoboRobo to be installed in your PC.


As the first part of using MoboRobo, you have to connect your iPhone or Android Smartphones. There is a couple of ways available for connecting your Smartphone with PC by means of MoboRobo. First, you can use USB Cable of the Smartphone to establish the connection. As this method provides maximum productivity and support for features, it is the most recommended connection method.

Establishing Connection Moborobo

However, if you do not like messing up with wires, but have a Wi-Fi connection at home, you can use that wireless method to establish connection between Smartphone and PC. In this latter method, you will have to scan a QR code with Smartphone camera and do some of such tasks to establish that connection. Once creation of connection is over, rest is fine!


Now, you can see the beautiful dashboard of MoboRobo, which displays several aspects of the device you connected with the PC. Details include storage consumption in device, remaining charge, amount of data (such as contacts, SMS and Apps), live preview of screen, feature to take screenshot of device screen, a link to view advanced information about device such as IMEI number, rooted or not, software info etc. The dashboard also has a link to backup/restore feature of MoboRobo, as both these will be useful for users. Now, we will have a glimpse on major sections of this tremendous tool. Actually, it has a number of sections for advanced management of what you have stored in device but we are now checking noticeable features only.

Phone Connected

Notable Sections

When it comes to MoboRobo, data means contacts you have stored, messages you have sent or received and logs of calls you have made or received. Among these, feature to manage contacts makes more sense, as the same process is tough in small screens of Smartphones. You can add new contacts, edit existing and import or export contacts via your PC screen. In the message section, you can see all messages you have received, and you can reply to messages whenever they arrive [when message arrive, you can see a popup notification from MoboRobo]. In call section, you have an option to prompt a call from device by clicking on ‘Call’ button/icon. Plus, you can export call log information as well.

Using this section, you can manage applications that you have installed in your Smartphone. There are specific parts for user apps and system apps along with an option to update application bulkily. Also, there are options to transfer apps from SD card to phone or vice versa, export list etc. Yet another addition of MoboRobo when it comes to case of apps is availability of an in-built store. From the store, you will be able to download and install trending Apps into your device. This feature will be very useful if you are using an Android device that does not offer access to Google Play Store. Indeed, this section of MoboRobo makes enough sense, especially if you are addicted to Apps.

App Store Moborobo

Images, Music, Videos & Themes
Even though there are specific tabs for all these, we can combine them under a label ‘Media’ In the images section, you have access to images that you have taken using the camera, device gallery. Plus, it offers a web-based platform to download wallpapers from. In music section, you can see a list of music files from device gallery, and download a lot of ringtones from given platform. In the videos section, apart from viewing gallery contents, you have access to a platform called MMOSITE Video from which you can download videos to the device for later viewing. Obviously, this type of sections is very useful if you are addicted to media.

User Interface

User Interface of MoboRobo is something excellent, as it does not need you to have previous experience with using this kind of management tools. And, we were impressed by the neat layout and design of different sections of tool.

Final Word from us

In light of all sections, we have mentioned earlier, it seems quite clear that MoboRobo is a sort of must-have tool for all those who love to manage Android devices with ease. However, we will love to hear your opinion about this tool through comments!

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