There is availability of almost all kinds of Android apps and games such as coc builder, be it messaging, gaming, editing, etc. These numerous apps running on your Smart phone affect the speed of your device. The slow working of phone is one of the major problems faced by the users. Hence, to combat this drawback of consequence of usage of heavy apps, an app named DU Speed Booster has been developed.
In order to increase the working speed of any phone, it is necessary to clear away the cache and useless files. This action will result into increased free space in the memory and even improve battery life. This is what the free DU Speed Booster app does; it increments the speed up to 50%-60% by carrying out those actions.


When it comes to any kind of application, the user first looks at the level of convenience with its interface. Apps with user-friendly interface are the most popular; one among those is the DU Speed Booster. It has got an attractive, eye-catching background with a time saving one-touch interface. It’s too easy and not at all complex to switch through different options given. Available in more than 10 languages, it attracts almost all the Android users around the world. Additionally, it has got an animated floating icon, called as spaceship, which is located on your home page du_speed_icon. It is designed in such a way that users find it pleasing to interact with this application.

As you can see above, the DU Speed Booster app dashboard displays six main labels: Accelerator, Trash Cleaner, App Manager, Game Booster, Security and Battery Saver.



This feature acts as a speed booster. It does the work of a task manager by washing away all the background tasks and unwanted app processes. Take a glance at the image below, it provides three major advices: Process Manager, Auto-start Manager and Freeze App Manager. These, altogether, carry out the entire job of acceleration. In simple words, the Process Manager is a task killer; the Auto-start Manager is an auto-start app disabler and Freeze App Manager freezes the unwanted app. Hence, the memory is cleaned up giving much more free available space and speed is accelerated.

Trash Cleaner:

This feature boosts your Android device speed by particularly clearing up the remaining files of uninstalled apps and even the unused files left over after the installation of an app. It deletes the cache file from both the phone memory and SD card, thus freeing some storage space and helping in speed boosting!

App Manager:

As the name suggests, it manages the apps on your phone, so that the unwanted app files don’t occupy much space and affect the speed of your device. It is much like an organizer that not only regulates the apps on both phone memory and SD card, but also offers an easy and simple install or uninstall process by taking advantage of its single- touch interface. In order to reduce the load on phone memory, it provides an option to transfer the apps on your phone to the SD card. This will lessen down the burden on phone and make its working fast and efficient.

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Game Booster:

This can be considered the best feature added by the team of DU app developers, in November 2013, after the launch of the app. Gaming on any Smartphone is like an addiction to users, especially the teenagers, but on the contrary they face a lot of problems in its efficiency and steady go. Thus, the Game Booster smoothens your gaming by supporting all the necessary game operations. Along with manual selection of games, it also has an auto-recognition game system.


The Security label provides the Antivirus protection to your Android device. It contains three categories: Antivirus, Permission Manager and a Blocker. The Antivirus regulates scanning process of the system and gets the phone rid of the viruses. The Permission Manager describes every app on your phone in detail. Lastly, the Blocker enables blocking mode for particular calls and SMS that you mention to be blocked.

Battery Saver:

Speeding up the phone is not only an issue, but saving and extending the battery life is too. A long battery life will give an efficient and faster move to every app you run. Therefore, this factor has been included in this speed booster app.

The Android users can now gear up their Smartphones with the DU Speed Booster and get an amazing gaming experience with smooth working of each and every application on their phones. Try this soon, its worthy than any other!

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