Android open nature makes it extremely easy for you to have access to the Android SD card. Just plug in a USB cable and you begin to manage music, video, photos, document files on it. It’s really convenient. However, you’re very clear that it can’t do everything. What of you want to manage contacts, messages, calendars? What of you decide to backup app data before resetting your phone? What if you get a Mac and want to manage Android SD card on it, but Mac doesn’t detect the Android phone? In this case, you need to draw support from some third-party tool. Today, in this article, I’d like to show you 3 ways to manage Android SD card and phone memory. Just read on.

Wondershare MobileGo

Manage Android SD Card and Phone Memory from PC

One way to manage Android SD card and Phone memory from windows PC is by mounting your Android phone to use it as an external hard drive. Plug your phone in, and set it in USB storage mode. This way you can use your phone as a flash drive. You can pull your photos and videos off.


The process of mounting varies from phone to phone, but the basic principal remains same. Just a few simple steps:

1. Use the USB cable that you receive with your phone. Plug the one end of the cable into your phone and other in your PC. Let the windows install required drivers if you are doing this for the first time. It may take a few minutes.


2. On your device, pull the notification bar down and tap on USB connected. You will be asked to “Mount” in order to copy files between the computer and phone. Choose “Mount.”


3. Now, Go to “My Computer.” Your storage card will appear as one of the options in “My Computer.” The storage card shows up as a separate drive. As shown below as “F” drive. Now, you can easily copy files from and to your storage card.



Make sure you unmount or eject the storage card from your computer. In the list of drives, right-click and choose “Eject.” Pull the notification bar down on your phone and select “Turnoff USB storage.” Choose “Turnoff,” and you’re done.



• Easy and quick backup
• No charge


Can’t backup applications, and application data

Use Android File Transfer to manage Android SD card on windows

Wondershare MobileGo Android SD card manager serve as the best tool to export and secure data on your desktop. Wondershare MobileGo for Android is the most reliable, convenient and user-friendly tool. With its advanced features, it supports the wide range of devices including tablets.


1. It converts the PC into an Android phone and facilitates instant sending or reply to the SMS.
2. It facilitates export and import of countless media files.
3. It facilitates auto-updating of your contacts and facilitates to and from outlook transportation. It facilitates synchronisation of thousands of contacts in Outlook.
4. It syncs and transfers data at bullet speed.

How to use Wondershare MobileGo to manage SD card and phone memory:

Step 1: Install Wondershare MobileGo for Android on the Windows computer.

Step 2: Run it and connect your Android phone or tablet to the Windows computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Step 3: Your Android phone or tablet will be quickly detected and then displayed in the primary window.

Step 4: In the primary window, click Files in the left column. Then, on the right panel, click SD Card. Then, all folders and files on SD card are shown. Select your wanted folders and files and then click Export.


To backup app, app data and other files, you can follow this way: In the primary window, go to Tools you may like. Click One-click Backup. In the pop-up backup dialog, check the files you want to backup: contacts, text messages, app, app data, calendars, call logs, photos, music and videos. Then, click Backup to backup them.



• User friendly Interface.
• Easy date restore


• No auto- synchronisation of photos with Outlook.

Manage Android SD card on Mac with Wondershare MobileGo

MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) offers a hassle- free way to let you backup everything on your Android phone. You can also restore and backed-up files to your Android phone with just one click. You can manage all the data on your SD card with this application.


To Backup/Restore data:
Connect your Android device with a USB cable. Launch the program, and you’ll see its main interface. At the home screen, the options to backup and restore are both located. Click the option you want to use.

To backup data:
i. Click on the Backup button and open the following Back Up window.
ii. Select the contents you want to copy as contacts, SMS, Apps, etc.
iii. Click on “Browse” to select a folder to save the files.
iv. To start the process, click on the backup. No Hassle! It is done quickly
and easily.


To restore data:
i. Click on the “Restore button” and it will open the Restore windows.
ii. In restore window, you can select the files and folders you want to restore to your device.
iii. Click “Restore” to complete the process.



• Easy to use
• Quick processing


Limited access in free version

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