Despite the increasing screen size of Android Smartphones, PC screen is always the best when you want to manage a number of various aspects of the Smartphone. It is the same reason why there was a demand for a universal & easy-to-use solution for Smartphone management, since most Smartphone manufacturers do not provide dedicated tools to manage those devices using a computer. In such a situation, we’re quite sure that you will definitely have enough reasons to love MoboMarket, which is an Android app store at the same time Smartphone management solution for PCs. Here, we shall have an in-detail review of MoboMarket, discussing how it becomes somewhat an essential tool for almost every Smartphone user out there. So, shall we start our review of MoboMarket with an introduction that will help you have a clear idea about day-to-day uses of MoboMarket?

MoboMarket Shrinks Android Smartphone Management

An Introduction to MoboMarket

MoboMarket come up with an Android version, an App Market on your Android. And a Windows PC version, a comprehensive Android manager tool on PC. On March. 19, MoboMarket (for PC) has released its V5.X beta Version with fully new UI design. Today, we will take a deep look at MoboMarket (for PC) and see what it can do for your beloved Android.
As we said, MoboMarket can, at the same time, act as a Smartphone management solution and an unofficial yet safe way to download your favourite Android applications, either through PC or Smartphone itself. Even when we accept the fact that most of you might not need a parallel android app store, the Smartphone management aspect of tool is somewhat integral for all Smartphone users out there. Because of this, even though we will be talking about the app store, our primary focus will be on Smartphone management side of MoboMarket. We will go through various parts of the tool such as connection, user interface and all.

Connecting your Device

In order to connect your Android Smartphone with your PC in which you have installed MoboMarket, you can select a method from two — USB or Bluetooth. Considering availability of features and simplicity, we prefer using the USB-powered connection, unless you are desperate enough to leave wires. On the other hand, if you can connect both of your devices into same Wi-Fi network, you can make use of the Wi-Fi connection method that makes sense as far as you want to leave wires. While using the USB method, you will have to enable USB Debugging, which will install that MoboMarket application in your device automatically. Apart from the time taken for installation of proper drivers, it will take only a few seconds to connect your Android Smartphone with MoboMarket for PC. Once you have finished the connection process, you can see a small yet effective dashboard of MoboMarket.

The Dashboard that Makes Sense

Compared to the previous version of MoboMarket — which was named MoboRobo —, the new version boasts user-friendly and simple dashboard that gives easier access to different sections of the tool. As you can see in screenshot given below, it has shortcuts such as Device, Media and Resources etc. Also, there are options to boost you device by clearing junk files and other unnecessary stuff out there. Now, we shall check out features of each section of the tool such as Media and Resources.

MoboMarket Small Dash

• Device

This section of MoboMarket is meant to give you an overview of the device, covering basic details such as version of Android it is running, whether it has root access, IMEI number, storage details etc. Apart from all these, this section is having a simulation of your device display using which you can take screenshots in a click. If you click on its sidebar menu, you can access other sub sections like contacts, messages and list of installed applications of your device.

Device Info

• Media

Media section of MoboMarket will be useful in managing media files your device has in it. For instance, you’ll have a clear list of music files in the device along with videos and all. Apart from an integrated player, you’ve one-click ways to add media to the device, which makes sense.

Media Management

• Resource

Resources section of MoboMarket makes enough sense when you want to install applications in your device without having to use Play Store, suppose when you do not have an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection in device. Using this section, you can download and install apps in a comparatively simpler manner.


• Toolbox

If the above sections were just giving you insights, Toolbox section of MoboMarket will be powerful enough in letting you manage your Smartphone. From this section, you can backup different kinds of information such as contacts and apps from your device, restore backups you have created earlier, manage files through a custom-made browser and clean device and save up space using the Space cleaner. Among these, we loved the Backup feature very much, as we are living with data that is worthier than the device itself.


Our Verdict
In light our experience, we can say that MoboMarket is one of the best Android PC managers you will stumble upon! Particularly, we loved its UI and the way of arranging stuff, and plus, those noteworthy features.

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