In the technologically inclined world we live in, almost all of our important data and resources are stored in a digital format. Our computer is a hub for our personal as well as professional data and we must do our best to secure it. No matter the amount of precautions we take, there are times when all our data can be erased through no fault of ours. At such times, we are left with no option but to lose that data. However, there are a few that helps you in getting all of your precious data back. Let’s see why you need such software and which is the best one to get the job done for you?

Why Do You Need Hardware Data Recovery?

If you lose your precious photos, videos, music files or more importantly any work related files, chances are you have lost the hope of getting it back. The good data recovery software

ensures that you get all your lost data back within minutes. You would majorly need software to recover data for the following reasons:

  • Quick recovery of all kinds of lost data.
  • Recovery of original media files such as photos, videos and archives.
  • Most of the software are easy to use without any hassles and you can get your files instantly

The Recommended Hardware Data Recovery Software

There is a plethora of different software that claims to recover lost data from Hard Drive

but hardly a few of them actually extracts all the lost files to provide you the original ones intact in their previous state. The best Hardware data recovery software currently in the market is the Wondershare hard disk data recovery software. It comes with a lot of trendy features as well as specifications that make data recovery a breeze from your hard drive.

Features of Wondershare Data Recovery Software

Below are some of the features of the software that make it very usable in scenarios where you have lost all your data and are left with nothing.

  • Works for All Media Devices:
    Most of the software work only for a hard drive or a flash drive but the Wondershare data recovery software is fully compatible with all kinds of media drives. Even the SD cards used in the digital camera can be accessed through the software and you can recover your files if you have lost any. If there is a phone memory card from where all your data is wiped, you can get it back through Wondershare data recovery software.
  • Recover All Kinds Of Documents:
    You can recover almost all kinds of data with the help of this software. It doesn’t matter what file type it is, if you have lost it, you can get it back within no time. Document files, emails, photos as well as videos can be easily recovered through Wondershare data recovery software.
  • Recover From All Types Of Loss:
    No matter how you have lost the files, you can easily get them back with the help of the software. In most cases, people accidentally delete the files themselves whereas in some cases, they don’t have a clue of what has happened. Even virus attacks can lead to loss of data and all of the scenarios above are covered under the software.

Recover Hard Drive Data with Wondershare Data Recovery

To recover lost data from hard drive, you need to follow some easy steps which will help you in quickly recovering all your lost data. Replicate these steps in your copy of Wondershare hard drive data recovery software and you can get your data back instantly.

Step 1: Choose the Type of Recovery


After you open the software, you will be prompted to choose a type of recovery that you would want. There are four different types and they are: Lost file recovery, Partition recovery, raw file discovery, and Resume recovery. Each one of them is for a different purpose and you can choose the one as per your needs.

Step 2: Scan the Drive


Once you have selected the type of recovery, you then need to select and scan the drive from where you have lost the files. The data recovery software is highly effective in scanning the drive thoroughly and detecting all the lost files from a particular time range. You would also need to select the partition where you would need your recovery files.

Step 3: Recover the Files


The scanning process will take a short while but be assured that it will show you all the deleted files and you can recover them. In the next dialog, choose all of the files that you want to recover. There will be options to sort as per file type or other filters which you can apply to narrow down your search of files. Once you press the recover button, different folders with files will be listed for recovery. Choose the file(s) that you want to recover.

Tips for Hard Drive Data Recovery

Below are some tips that you will find useful if you want to prevent such mishaps from happening with you. These tips will also help you in case you have already lost your data but want it back without causing any further loss or damage to your drive:

  • Stop using the drive immediately if you have lost any data from it.
  • Don’t add any new files or data to those drives to ensure the safety of those files.
  • Keep backing up your data frequently to be on a safer side. Even if your data is lost, you can always have a backup.

The Last Words

Wondershare data recovery software is probably the best in its class and can help you in recovering any amount of data instantaneously. The software is also available for MAC operating system so you can also reap its benefits on multiple OS. If you ever lose any precious data, make sure to keep Wondershare’s software handy so that you can immediately recover the files back into your system.

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