It’s pretty common that you think about Adobe Reader when you hear about PDF Documents. For years, it’s been there on the industry, despite the fact that many of Adobe Reader features are premium. Talking about that, we should also say that Adobe is quite pricey. This is why we were excited when we came across a new tool for PDF viewing, editing and creating — . It’s not just an alternative for Adobe Reader, but, on the other hand, a fully-fledged PDF suite for almost all professionals out there.

Today, we are going to have an in-depth review of . If you’re thinking about using other PDF viewers other than Adobe Reader or Preview, you should really check this out.

Let’s Get Started with PDFelement

There are is a huge list of things you can do using PDFelement for Mac — from viewing documents to making some. That is why prefer calling PDFelement an impressive and complete PDF solution for your needs. With this suite installed in your Mac, you won’t need other software for any purpose related to PDF documents.


pdfelement-editor-and-viewerWhat’s so amazing is that Wondershare has packed all these in an easily-accessible manner. From installing to advanced options, everything happens in seconds. Personally speaking, I needed just a few seconds to get started with PDFelement. I also believe that’s one of the reason for my verdict, which you’d find at last.

Features Offered in PDFelement for Mac

Well, here are some things you can do using PDFelement.

  • View and Edit

Essentially, PDFelement can be used for opening PDF files, with in-page navigation and other standard sets of features. It’s pretty much like using Adobe Reader, and was equally smooth. At the same time, the tool is letting you make edits to the documents. This includes combining different pages from different PDF files.


pdfelement-for-mac-pdf-editingFor instance, you can add text, images and other elements to the program. Similarly, there are options to remove/modify existing elements in a PDF document. There aren’t many confusing dashboards or anything. All the options are available in top and right sides of window. Plus, you have basic annotation features.

  • Convert and Create

Ever wanted to convert a well-formatted Word document to PDF? Or, wanted to send Excel sheet content? Well, then, you can use PDFelement for easier conversions. All you have to do is to select the corresponding file from the dialogue box. Depending on the size, the software may take a few minutes for processing.


pdfelement-for-mac-pdf-creatingOn the other hand, things are fine if you want to create a PDF document from a blank file. You can do that from the File menu and add any type of text/multimedia elements into the document. The best part is that you can save it in fully-functional PDF format, which works on all devices and almost all viewers.

  • Miscellaneous

There are a few other features you’d find in PDFelement, such as Optical Character Recognition. If you have come across a scanned text, you can use PDFelement to recognize the alphabets in the image. You can even perform searches with the given results.

Another cool feature I loved in PDFelement is the reverse conversion option. That is, you can easily convert a PDF document into a bunch of formats like Word, Excel, Epub, Pages, HTML etc. It’s a great feature if you need to add some Word-only formatting to the document. Likewise, after edits, you can convert the file back to PDF format.


pdfelement-for-mac-convert-pdfSimilarly, there are a few in-page actions you can do. For instance, you can rotate, delete, extract, replace, and crop pages. If not enough, there are options to split the document and insert other pages from files. In short, it lets you edit a PDF document in all senses.


pdfelement-for-mac-combine-pdf-filesSo, as said earlier, you can do almost anything related to PDF files using PDFelement for Mac.


There is a free-but-limited version of PDFelement you can get for Mac. In this, however, you can’t use options like OCR. If you want all those features, there is a one-time fee of $99.95 for PDFelement for Mac. It includes OCR functionality and you can use it for lifetime. By the way, there are better deals if you are looking for a Volume Licensing package.

The User Interface

Considering all the awesome features, the UI of PDFelement is amazingly simple! It’s great that Wondershare has included all these superb editing and file management options in a minimal package. As said earlier, the whole software was just awesome from the second of installation.


pdfelement-for-mac-main-interfacePersonally speaking, I use PDFelement as a fully-fledged PDF viewer as well. Because I have to take care of multiple PDF files at once, the interface is pretty helpful for sure. I can easily open different files at different tabs and toggle them easily. Also, the Watermarking and other basic-yet-useful features are quite worth the shot.

The Final Verdict on PDFelement for Mac

At the end of the day, PDFelement from Wondershare is quite impressive. I was able to do everything related to PDF files using this program, which is great. Although I commonly use it for viewing and page-based edits, the formatting options are good-enough for professionals. That’s what a few friends of mine said, after using the same program for their work needs.

It’s pretty decent to pay something around $100 for these many features. In fact, if you are going for Adobe alternatives, this would cost you more. Viewing things from that perspective, you have more reasons to go for PDFelement rather than to stick onto the costlier plans of Adobe Acrobat. Needless to say, there is a full assurance of compatibility as well.

Last but not the least, PDFelement is a cross-platform PDF editor, it supports Mac, Window and iOS as well.

Download for Mac

Download for Windows


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