As you know, customization is a reason why people prefer Android to iOS. It’s a matter of fact that you can customize a lot of things when it comes to Android. Of course, you will have to root your device or take some other steps. But if you want to have a customized keyboard experience in your device with a lot of emojis and themes, all you need to do is to install Facemoji Keyboard for Android!

Facemoji Keyboard is a free customizable keyboard you can get for your phone. We’ve have come up with an in-detail yet crispy review of Facemoji Keyboard so that you know what they have in store for you

What is Facemoji Keyboard?

Basically speaking, Facemoji Keyboard is a third-party keyboard app especially made for Android devices. Since Android offers an option to change the default keyboard and use another one, it might be nice to point out that Facemoji Keyboard is one of the best choices you have, if like us, you love to have more emojis, stickers and GIFs to play with.

Another awesome element of Facemoji Keyboard is the level of customization you have. From the pre-set themes to custom-set background images, you can adjust the different aspects of this keyboard.

Using Facemoji Keyboard

We found it really simple and effective to use Facemoji Keyboard in an Android device. We tried it in a Redmi Note 3 and the performance was smoother than the breeze. First of all, the installation part is simple. You can simply download this app from Play Store and that’s it. Once the installation is done, you will be asked to enable Facemoji Keyboard and select it from the current menu. Once that’s done, you can start rolling with the Facemoji Keyboard experience.


Of course, you cannot compare Facemoji Keyboard for Android with the stock Google Keyboard because this keyboard is meant to prioritize emojis, GIFs and stickers. Of course, you can combine text and GIFs as well, but the main focus is still for emojis. So Facemoji Keyboard isn’t the choice for you if you need a clean-slated and simple keyboard for everyday use. On the contrary, it’s the best choice for customization we found.

However, we were impressed by the keyboard layout and arrangement of Facemoji Keyboard. There was enough space between keys and the typing speed was relatively superb. Also, it’s completely up to us to bring emojis or stickers into the screen. There is also an option for you, if you are looking for plain text. For that, however, you will need to shift to a less-fancy theme. Given this, we loved using Facemoji Keyboard even more in every aspect.

Noteworthy Features in Facemoji Keyboard

  • A Huge Collection of Emojis, Emoticons, GIFs and Stickers

emoticons-in-facemoji-keyboard facemoji-keyboard-gif-collection

Trust us when we say this: Facemoji Keyboard has perhaps the largest collection of emojis and emoticons you will expect from such an application
. It does not matter what type of emojis you are looking for — let it be the stock Android emojis or the ones you find in WhatsApp or Facebook — everything is available in Facemoji Keyboard. The story does not end with some individual smileys and emoticons. Instead, you also have the option to choose from emoji combos. If for nothing else, you should get this app for the incomparable collection of GIFs and emojis.

  • Better Prediction and Auto Correction

These two features did steal the show during our review. The Text auto correction feature in Facemoji Keyboard was much cooler than what we had expected from this category. The changes didn’t take so long. Also, the accuracy was impressive in the end. Another superb feature we came across is Emoji Prediction. Depending on what you are typing, the keyboard will suggest you a bunch of emojis. This is cool when you’re fully involved in chats.

  • Different Keyboard Themes

We mentioned this earlier, but the collection of keyboard themes is really commendable. In our case, we wanted a simple theme for the keyboard. Thankfully, it was included in the default theme package. If those options aren’t enough, you can download different themes from the huge gallery of Facemoji Keyboard. Themes are available in different categories, not to mention the variety of choice. From those ornamental, fancy ones to the minimally clean ones, Facemoji Keyboard has everything you’d look for.


Furthermore, you can create your own theme in Facemoji Keyboard. Suppose you like to put one of your own photographs as the background. You can also change the button shape, font colour, keyboard size and many other aspects. Just save the theme and you are ready to rock. Other common and smooth features in Facemoji Keyboard include the Gesture Typing, Custom-made Memes and its support for International and regional languages.


The Final Word on Facemoji Keyboard

Now that we’ve gone through the different aspects of this app, it’s time to decide. Combining all the points we’ve told you above, Facemoji Keyboard is an effective way to create a unique keyboard experience in Androi
d. At the same time, the developers of this app have kept usability on top level. Given this, we believe that everyone should give a try to this Emoji-rich keyboard for Android.

If you want to enjoy this experience, head on to Google Play now so you can download this amazing keyboard application!


What are you waiting for? Download away!

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