When you’re on a PC or Mac, it feels easy to download a YouTube video or to convert a video from . I mean, there are a lot of web-based services, given that you can ignore some pop-ups and ads. That having said, things are kind of tough in Android devices. As you know, the official YouTube app doesn’t allow you to download video for offline use. And, the YouTube Offline feature is hardly useful. It’s in such a case that we should come across . It’s a free app but you will have to .

In this article, we have come up with a detailed review of KeepVid for Android. We’ll explore the top-notch features and how to use them in an effective. We’re sure that every media junkie would love KeepVid in the end. Shall we start with it?

About KeepVid Android

As we said, KeepVid Android is a multipurpose Android app for media downloads and management. As the first function, KeepVid lets you download YouTube videos for offline storage and later access. Thanks to the different methods of download, you would have no problem of convenience. It also is one of the fastest and simple ways to download YouTube Videos into your smartphone. Obviously, there are some innovative set of features that should be mentioned.

Talking in terms of availability, KeepVid is available from the official developer website. As you know, it can’t be found in Google Play Store. That having said, it’s completely secure and privacy-friendly to use KeepVid. Now, we will move onto the different features we had found on KeepVid App for Android.

  • Download YouTube Videos as MP3

So, here is the first awesome feature that we found on KeepVid. If you have the app installed, you have no need to get a Video to MP3 converter. It’s because KeepVid lets you download the videos as MP3. All you’ve to do is to select the MP3/M4A format in the dialogue box. In seconds, KeepVid servers will process the MP3 file and start downloading it to your smartphone. All of this happens in no time that you can have MP3 file of desired video in less than a minute.


  • Fast Video Downloads via Share Menu

One thing that we loved in KeepVid is that it is integrated to your Android share menu. Think you’re watching a video from the official YouTube app and want to download. You don’t have to copy the link or something. Instead, you can select the Share button and choose KeepVid from the menu. As soon as you land in KeepVid menu, you can see the option to download file in the desired format and quality. Of course, you can choose any quality between the 4K (if available) and 3GP 144p.


  • Download Videos via URL Sharing

Found an awesome YouTube URL somewhere? Well, you can actually get rid of the searching and all. It also needs to be noted that KeepVid allows YouTube Video or MP3 downloads via URLs. To do this, you have to past the URL in the dialogue box. Just like you have seen in the Share Menu mode, you can select the quality and type. That’s it — you have downloaded the video in no time, literally.


  • Multiple Downloads with Impressive Speed

In our experience, KeepVid Android is one of the fastest methods to download YouTube content as video or MP3 files. It also offers the best intuitive interface, allowing almost everyone to use it. What’s so impressive here is that you can download multiple downloads at the same time. KeepVid does not seem to consume a lot of resources for doing this. Even then, the actual download speeds are up to the mark. We believe this is good if you have a bunch of lectures or songs to download.


  • Built-In Web Browser for Easier Content Search

KeepVid Android comes with a web browser inside. You heard that right. You can access most of the popular video sharing websites using the browser. The support list includes YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud and KeepVid etc. You can browse through the video just like you’re using a Chrome window or anything. It’s just that, when you land on a video playback page, there will be a button for Downloads. Just hit the button, choose quality and it will be done.


  • Additional Sharing Options

In addition to the download options, you can share YouTube videos into other platforms as well. KeepVid is going to add more sharing options day by day. This is a great option, because if you find an interesting video, you can share it with your friends.
The Take on Usability
KeepVid boasts one of the best UIs we have ever seen in video downloading apps. It’s easy to use from any aspect. Particularly, we liked the browsing options using the in-built Web Browser. So, we would love to rate it the best in terms of usability.


It needs to be noted that KeepVid is also available in other platforms. That is, for example, you can use the free if you’re on PC. You can also have dedicated utilities for PC & Mac, if you’re interested.

The Bottom Line

Considering all these points, KeepVid is a must-have Android app for media junkies out there. You are getting a simpler method to download any YouTube video you want — in a convenient quality and format. We’d all ask you to give KeepVid a try.

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