One of the biggest concepts in the current era is simplification – of apps, software and various other resources. Consider this: there are hundreds of flash downloader and most of them require either manual operation, or they simply don’t work on certain sites. This has resulted in decreasing popularity of such extensions, and have called for uniform stress on a complete platform product.


KEEPVID: A dedicated software solution


KEEPVID gives a dedicated platform to download from over thousands of websites. In this, you can set up bulk downloads, without worrying about frequent browser crashes. This lightweight application can even be used be used with limited features or a user can buy full version that unlocks access to all the websites. So for instance, you intend to download many videos at once, you can just add that playlist to the software and you are done. This software downloads everything automatically.

Massive Coverage of Video Sites

One great thing about KEEPVID is that, it allows one to download from almost any leading video website on available. This includes, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and many others. Working with the software is simple, and even then, there are about three ways by which one can download the videos. Also, a user has a choice to convert the downloaded videos in numerous formats. The available formats include: MP3, M4A, AC3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, MKA, AU, AIFF, FLAC, MRB, and many others.


KEEPVID claims 3x speed than normal download software available in the market, and after trying that, we were reasonably satisfied with the speed. For the downloads which took 10 minutes earlier took close to 4 minutes to finish – a remarkable improvement over other extensions and software. This can be attributed to the way the software is optimized to download the videos, ensuring that there is no bandwidth loss during the entire download process.


This is easily one of the unheard features in any downloading software. The program has three modes: Auto Shutdown, Sleep, and Exit program. This ensures that you don’t have to wait till the time download completes. The software will take over and do everything to keep the downloads going.

Tweak Quality

KEEPVID allows you to download the videos based on the quality. For instance, you may want to download something in high resolution or some in the low – depending on wide range of options. Due to the inbuilt converter, you can download the video in HD and then can tweak it into any mobile format for a flawless viewing experience – all in the in the software.

3 easy ways to download via KEEPVID


Click Download

In this method, you simply click on the video, and download it. The button appears on the top right corner of the browser. For this, you need KEEPVID’s plugin, that you can download for free, from their website,

Copying URL

In this, you can simply copy the URL of the video you want to download, and then use the software, this way, it would automatically download the video. You can even put the url of the entire playlist, and the software would follow every video in the playlist to download it. You’d just have to paste the url in “Paste URL” button.

Raw Recording

With KEEPVID, not only you can download the videos on the internet, but can also capture them raw. So for instance, you are going through some process on your desktop, like a training on understanding some new process, and if you want to record it, then simply, click on raw recording, and you are all set.
Once you download it, by any of these ways. You have an option to keep it amongst various formats. One great thing about this software is that, it can download the video directly in MP3, without downloading the complete video file – and this saves a lot of bandwidth.

KEEPVID does much more than downloading the videos

Simple Formation Conversion Process

Once you download the video, you can extract it in various formats, and even after extraction, you can convert these to over 150 different formats. So, KEEPVID is not just an all round downloading software, but it is a very powerful conversion tool too, covering almost all the most popular formats in the digital arena.

A full stack organizer

Once your downloads are finished, they are added to a “finished” library, and the converted ones into the “converted” library. The software makes it a point to ensure proper organization of your files. One distinct feature is the segregation of the formats. So this ensures that the videos don’t get mixed up. Also, you can import videos from external source to the library. This makes KEEPVID the default organizer of all your multimedia content.

No restrictions

Markets are inundated with software that comes with a lot of restrictions, one of them being – restriction of downloading adult content. Although we don’t say that this should be a sole purpose of getting any video downloader, we are suggesting, freedom to get the content. In other words, no one should be allowed to decide which sort of content they would allow their users to download. Of course, no company — including KEEPVID — would ever recommend downloading copyrighted content. But as long as the creator of some content is fine with you downloading or recording it, there should be no other restrictions.


All of the KEEPVID products conform to highest standard of privacy and security; and they kept refining the process to make sure that your privacy is not compromised. So you can use it without worrying about a company selling data to advertisers to make quick buck. That’s one thing which makes many other download tools so unpopular amongst masses.

Desktop Products of KEEPVID

There are two products of KEEPVID — KEEPVID Pro, and KEEPVID MUSIC. While KEEPVID Pro allows users to download videos from any site, KEEPVID MUSIC is just limited to songs, and support all the major music sites.

User Feedback

Users, by and large, are very happy with one point download. Also, most of the Apple users can use its app version and download the content which is restricted by Apple. For years, ever since the browser wars, the internet world was buzzing with extensions and software, which more or less did not solve the purpose. That’s where this software has got an advantage.
Users are particularly delighted with the simplicity and has got no restrictions. This has results in this software crossing hundreds of millions of video downloads.

Service & Support

One of the most important things in any product or service is the after sale support and service, and understandably, KEEPVID company is doing it quite well. Apart from detailed instructions on their website, they have backed it all up with great dedicated support and service for all of its subscribed users. Also, on their website, you can retrieve registration code, contact them, and contact them in a variety of ways. They do have both free and paid versions. Paid versions are available on trial for windows and mac computers.


To reach out to a wide range of users, KEEPVID has rolled out many offerings. One can get their extensions, software or even apps. While the majority of their products are available for free or on trial, getting the paid version for a minimal fee is the best way to get the most out of it.


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