Everyone loves to have longer battery life for their Android smartphones. However, most people are lazy enough to take a few steps for battery saving. It’s a fact that your battery life isn’t just about the capacity of cells. There are some software aspects that can impact your overall battery life — such as background tasks, performance profiles etc. If you are ready to take care of these aspects, you will be able to save a lot of battery life. And, don’t worry if you don’t get enough time for doing this — DU Battery Saver will surely help you out, here.

DU Battery Saver is considerably the most popular power-saver app you can get for Android devices. In this article, we will discuss some significant information about DU Battery Saver and how good it is in improving battery life of your devices. Shall we start?

An Introduction to DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver comes from DU Apps Studio — a popular Android developer for everyday useful apps. DU Battery Saver is supposed to be the ultimate solution for increasing your smartphone battery life. Won’t that be great if you can have a few more hours of battery backup without connecting the charge? Well, this is what DU Battery Saver will help you do in almost any Android device. It uses a bunch of methods — such as pre-set battery modes and junk cleaning — to be sure that the right amount of battery resources is being used. Just like the other apps from DU, most people consider this DU Battery Saver as a must-have Android app for everyone. To make this possible, there are some cool features too.


Noteworthy Features of DU Battery Saver

One-Click Battery Optimization


You don’t have to visit multiple sections to boost battery life. Instead, it all happens with a single click. Once you tap that ‘Optimize’ button, DU Battery Saver will scan your device for potential threats. For instance, it will check for background-running apps and heavy-resource-consuming ones. Depending on device priorities, these apps will be turned off. That is, in the shortest time, you can have the best battery backup ahead.

Different Pre-Set Battery Modes


At different instances, you need different settings for battery. Understanding this need, DU Battery Saver comes with an impressive set of battery modes. You can either choose one of the modes or create one of your own. The available modes are Prolong, General, and Sleep. Prolong will bring screen brightness to 5%, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Sync will be off. It means the best backup ever. One thing to be noted, you can create extreme modes if you want.

Battery Monitoring & Saving

DU Battery Saver does not just kill apps to save battery life. It also analyses your apps to find the battery-consuming ones. The app may take a few days to be in the full form, but then, you will have a clear idea about battery consumption. You can know if Messenger or WhatsApp is taking up your battery resources for no reason. You can also kill apps from the same interface. Needless to say, this is an awesome feature for most people. Instead of killing them all, you can know the real culprits.

Phone Cooler


Overheating isn’t good for your Android device. Isn’t it good if you can find the apps that cause CPU Overheating? Using DU Battery Saver, you can do that. In the single click, the app will arrange apps in the order of highest CPU consumption. And, the Cool Down button takes your device into a safer temperature. After heavy gaming or performance-oriented tasks, it should help.

Charge Monitor

This is one of the best features we found in DU Battery Saver. Maintaining healthy charging is an essential thing for battery life. While charging your device, DU Battery Saver will take care of the charging levels and method. You will be notified if the device reaches a healthy percentage. There are internal adjustments for best battery health as well.
Along with this Charge Monitor, there’s a feature named Smart Charge. If enabled, your lock screen will show information about charging and battery while charging. This is for quick look at data, you know.

Widgets and Notification Controls

Last but not least, DU Battery Saver brings some features into device home screen and notification shade. In the home screen, you can use the provided widgets for finding information. You can know the current battery level, charging notification and a few toggles for Data, Wi-Fi, Torch etc. Similarly, you can have the benefits of controls for notification bars. You just have to enable the options. We think it’s awesome to know the remaining battery life and charging time without opening the DU Battery Saver app.

Well, these are the awesome feature we tried and loved in DU Battery Saver for Android. Needless to say, they had helped in improving the battery life in the long run.

A Word on DU Battery Saver UI

Simplicity is one of the major factors why DU Battery Saver is popular and for-everyone. All sorts of optimizations can be done from the home screen. For sub-divisions like Charge Monitoring and App Monitoring, there are links from the dashboard. So, anyone will have a smooth time in finding the right options for long-lasting battery backup. Also, you can go to extra options from its Sidebar Menu. Altogether, we have a simple yet effective outline for DU Battery Saver. And, everyone would love. However, there are some advertisements that may be annoying at certain times.


The Final Decision

Now that we have discussed enough about DU Battery Saver, we will come to an end of this review. Judging by the features and User Interface, we have more reasons to install this Power Saver app on every Android device. For instance, Charging Monitor and App Monitor will help you increase the overall health of battery and device — instead of just boosting their speed and performance. Altogether, we are really impressed by this app. The only issue we found in DU Battery Saver are those annoying advertisements. That having, you have to pay some money to get rid of those ads. These ads, however, were related to other DU products, and not anything scam.


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