You are sitting on the couch and you receive a phone call from an unknown number, not once but a lot of times! It will be hard to understand who’s behind all these calls — unless you have DU Caller installed in your Android device. It’s a newer and better way to find the person behind the calls you receive. So, the next time you receive a call from a strange number, you won’t have to hesitate. In this article, we will have a brief review of DU Caller, which offers many other features. That is, you can do a lot other than identifying mobile numbers. And, we will start with an introduction to this useful app.

DU Caller — an Introduction

Simply put, DU Caller is an Android App that lets you recognize incoming call numbers. Instead of the mere number, you’ll see the name of the person or organization behind the number. So, the primary function of DU Caller is to help users from the risk of answering unknown calls. Unlike the many other programs for the same purpose, DU Caller has been powered by an extremely huge international number database. So, it does not matter whether the call is from US or Canada, you can know the number and other basic details. It’s a completely free Android app that you can install on almost all devices, due to its small size and wider compatibility.


Now that you know the basics of DU Caller for Android, we will consider the other aspects.

Installing and Using DU Caller

We found the process of installation to be really simple in DU Caller. You can download the app from Play Store and it will be installed in a few seconds. Once installed, you will see an option to analyse your existing call history. Doing this, you’ll be able to recognize the unknown numbers you’ve received calls from. This is an optional feature. If you are looking for a better protection in future, you can go to the main interface of DU Caller.


One thing that makes DU Caller awesome is the element of automation. You don’t have to copy and paste the number to see the person behind. Instead, whenever you receive a strange call, you can see the name and details on the screen. So, if you think that’s a SPAM call, you can simply ignore it. This is equally useful if someone is trying to annoy you through a set of calls.

We tried identifying a few numbers via DU Caller and the results were awesome. Along with personal numbers, we’d tried some spam-based numbers too. The app was able to recognize the numbers as possible spam, insurance etc. it gave us a few labels — like Ads, Sales, Fraud etc — so that selection was easier.

In addition to these, DU Caller comes with an in-built Phone Dialler. If you don’t like the stock dialler and need instant info about the numbers you type, you can change to DU Caller. We found the dialler to be simple and clean. Also, experience was totally convenient.

Notable Features in DU Caller

Now, we will have a look on the other awesome features we found in this app.

  • Call Blocker


Even now, most Android phones don’t have an in-built option for call blocking. If you have installed DU Caller, you will be able to block any number you want. This can be useful at certain times, but there’s a better feature too. In a single click, you can block all the spam calls and fraud calls. DU Caller uses a well-built algorithm to distinguish between genuine calls and fake calls. In short, you don’t have to worry about those annoying rings anymore.

  • Search Numbers Online

This is one of the excellent features in DU Caller. Suppose you come across a number that has been annoying your friend. If you want to know the person behind, you can simply paste the number on DU Caller interface. Quite instantly, you get the results — thanks to the huge-enough number database of DU. In our testing period, we found this feature to be truly practical.

  • Call Recorder and Call Hiding


These are two of the extra features we loved in DU Caller. The Call Recorder lets you have clear recording of every cellular conversation you do. However, the Call Hiding feature is something innovative. If you don’t want others to see a particular call in the History, you can simply turn it off. To enable this feature, you will have to add a number to ‘Private Contacts’.

There are some seemingly-simple but useful features too in DU Caller. For instance, in the Life Assistance area, you’ll find numbers of popular services, cellular providers, restaurants etc. When you are somewhere stranded, this feature will be of definite help, we bet.

DU Caller’s Take on UI

Just like any other app from DU Group, DU Caller is also having a minimal interface. Sections like Blocking, Searching and History can be accessed from the main page. And, the sidebar gives you access to various features like Life Assistance and Private Contacts. By the way, you can decide when you want to see popup dialogues.


Summing Up

Considering all these points, DU Caller is indeed a must-have Android app for almost all users. The features are simply cool and easy to use. Chances are high that you will use DU Caller once in a while — say, weekly or daily. With the number of fake calls and telecom threats increasing, it makes sense to equip your Android phone with an app like DU Caller. What do you think about the app, by the way?



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