How often do your blame your smartphone for being pathetically slow? For not letting you make calls quickly or play game without lags? If you do that often, DU Speed Booster for Android is an app that you must try out. It’s a fact that the OEM-based software can slow down your Android device. However, at the same time, there is the impact of junk files, trash as well as many other hidden stuff. DU Speed Booster is a free, easy to use Android application that helps you have a clean Android phone with better speed and performance ahead.

In this article, we shall have an in-depth review of DU Speed Booster for Android, discussing the various aspects, features and our own experiences.

DU Speed Booster — an Introduction

As said, DU Speed Booster is a speed booster app you can use in Android smartphones and tablet PCs. It focuses on various aspects of your device — such as junk files, remnant APKs, log files etc — to speed up device and enhance its performance. It’s actually called DU Speed Booster & Cleaner, meaning that you can not only boost the speed but also the clean device from potential threats and unnecessary files. The developers claim that DU Speed Booster & Cleaner will make Android devices 60% faster, through different methods. It’s an app used by more than 230 Million users, and we have enough for authenticity here.

Now, we will explore different sections of DU Speed Booster & Cleaner.

What We Get in DU Speed Booster

These are the major features of DU Speed Booster and the sections that can be enhanced using this app.

Phone & Memory Boost


This is an effective method used by DU Speed Booster for enhancing speed by 60%. Phone Boost kills running apps to save space and a CPU Cooler utility is also being used. In our test, DU Speed Booster was able to release a notable amount of space from the device. When it comes to the Memory Boost section, it’s for releasing RAM. In short, using these two types of cleaning, you can increase the overall speed and performance of your phone and apps.

Trash Cleaning


As we said, Trash content may cause slowing down of apps and entire device. Using this section of DU Speed Booster, you can storage space for unnecessary files. These may include cache files, obsolete APK files, big files and temporary files. In the first step, you can find Residual Files, Memory and My Files. However, if you want to find the bigger files that take up your space, there’s an Advanced Cleaning feature too.

Application Management


Managing applications to save time and performance is a tough task — not when you are using DU Speed Booster. It has a fully-fledged interface for managing system apps and installed apps. First of all, you can uninstall apps that you do not need. The best part is that you can uninstall System Apps and User-Installed Apps. If you have a device with bloatware, it will be an awesome feature. Also, it has an APK Manager, which helps you remove obsolete APKs from storage. You don’t have to uninstall apps one by one. There’s a mass uninstalling function too.

Android Security


Yes, if you have DU Speed Booster in the device, you don’t need another antivirus program. It comes with an in-built tool to scan and detect malware or malicious apps. This section of DU Speed Booster scans every app you have installed. you can receive reports on whether you are at risk.

Network Boost

Network Boost is a useful utility for increasing the internet speed and performance. If there are some unknown processes taking up your internet users, you can close all of them in a single click.

Game Booster


Listen, gaming folks. DU Speed Booster has a special feature to get you the best Android gaming experience. In a tap, the speed booster suite will detect the games you have installed and boost them. In our testing, we found significant increase in game loading speeds.

Smart Charge

What do you think about finding the charging information on your device lock screen? This is what Smart Charge feature of DU Speed Booster does. You can see enough, accurate information about when you should turn off the charging switch.
Well, these are the major features you would find in DU Speed Booster & Cleaner. In light of our experience, we will say the features are just awesome. They helped us to increase the speed up to 50%, which is cool.

The User Interface and Widgets


DU Speed Booster & Cleaner comes with an intuitive User Interface, which is friendly for all users. Choosing any of these boosting methods is just a tap away. So, with no experience at all, you can boost the speed and performance. As you can see in the screenshot, navigating from the Main Dashboard is very easier. Not just that, the Sidebar makes things quite a lot easier.

In addition to the default features, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner offers a bunch of widgets and notification elements. You can place the Quick Access widgets in your home page — so that you can boost speed in one single tap. The widgets are too cool and user-friendly. You can even get some control toggles with those widgets. Same is the case with notification control bars too. You can use them for controlling Data, Wi-Fi, Torch, Battery etc.

The Final Word on DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

After using DU Speed Booster & Cleaner for a long time, we are pretty much impressed by the features and UI. Moreover, we had seen a notable increase in the performance and speed. Talking of features, we loved the System App Removal and Game Booster. These are must-have for almost all casual Android users out there.
The only thing we did find wrong with DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is the advertisements. At times, these ads become too annoying. For instance, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner shows ads in the Smart Charge screen. Keep that aside, and this app becomes an essential tool for your Android phones.


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