For decades, there’s been an unparalleled demand for solid wood furniture among Indian consumers. It does not mean they’re not popular overseas; you can easily spot at least one of such furniture at most homes. In spite of the higher demands, purchasing and installing this type of furniture has always been a nightmare for common man. On a normal day, the user has to find the best store, go through a not-so-versatile collection of furniture and choose one. All along this time, there’s no assurance of quality, either. Although there have been some eCommerce-based solutions for purchasing furniture online, we didn’t have a worthy combo of quality and the legacy solid-wood picks.

FurnSpace, however, is all set to create quite a revolution here. It happens to be one of India’s first platforms to purchase high-quality home furniture at affordable costs, without even compromising the total quality. It envisages to provide, install and service solid-wood furniture — and all the user has to do is a few clicks. No matter whether you need furniture picks for your bedroom, storage, living room or even your dining room; just heading to FurnSpace would fulfil all those needs. It’s such a wholesome collection of furniture belonging to different categories. Obviously, there are a few things that make FurnSpace different from most of online furniture stores in India.

What FurnSpace Means for A Common Consumer?

Suppose you’re someone who needs the best furniture for the home you’re building. Then, is the single, ultimate destination where you can fulfill almost all the needs. As we said, FurnSpace offers a versatile collection of furniture, from Bedroom, Living Room, Storage, Accessories and Décor. So, when you want to pick the right picks for your home, things are just a click away. You just have to open FurnSpace website and order the products you find impressive.

As a company, FurnSpace follows the multi-channel design. That is, FurnSpace is available through offline as well as online channels, while offering the same service and quality. So, the way FurnSpace works is simple. You log on, select the furniture you like, check out and that’s it — the product will be delivered and installed by industry experts within the mentioned time-period. As you can see, it takes away all the hassles that used to be associated with buying furniture for home.

By the way, don’t think that FurnSpace is just a store. It’s rather a trustworthy brand when it comes to solid wood furniture and other home furniture equipment. When we say a brand, we mean it. FurnSpace designs, manufactures and distributes a diverse set of furniture, making it available via offline and online channels at the same time. You can either go to a certified FurnSpace store or rely on their website to get the product delivered. It’s one of the reasons why FurnSpace products offer 100% quality assurance.

Where Does FurnSpace Serve?

This is where things get interesting. Apparently, FurnSpace wants to create a hassle-free & effective way for delivering furniture products. While the service is limited to cities like Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Bangalore, FurnSpace follows a 21-day delivery process. You’ll get the furniture delivered and installed in a period of 21 days, which is great.

For someone who needs the ultimate finish with the furniture aspect, this is something great. As you would relax and sit back, experts will reach your house and get everything running. In all the deliverable areas, you can also use the Cash on Delivery and Easy Returns features of FurnSpace. If something isn’t satisfactory, it’s possible to return the product and get a new one/refund.

Why Is FurnSpace Better than Other Online (and Offline) Furniture Stores?

When compared to the offline furniture stores you’ve seen, FurnSpace has a lot more to offer. We found the following reasons to be what makes FurnSpace a better space for purchasing solid-wood and contemporary style furniture for your homes.

> Top-Notch Quality

According to the design used by FurnSpace, quality control is relatively simple. The company has dedicated factories where furniture is manufactured, prepared for dispatch and maintained. With the passionate work of expert professionals and proper security systems, all the furniture pieces are kept top-notch. That’s one reason why you get the brand-new product after you order them. Also, 21-day delivery system of FurnSpace makes sure that nothing happens to the products, even on the way.

> An Impressive, Diverse Collection

While FurnSpace stays as the best source of solid wood furniture, you can find other types of furniture too. It is also clear that FurnSpace updates the collection in the course of time, adding some trending designs and styles. There’s a cultural combination too: FurnSpace brings its superb designs from countries like Malaysia, Brazil, China and Vietnam as well as from the traditional Indian décor of Rajasthan. You can easily check out the Furniture Collections, such as Amrapali, Aviator, Haveli and Khambadia.

> Different Categories; Easier Selection

Purchasing furniture from is an easy task, thanks to the category-based systems. Products of FurnSpace are essentially classified into sections like Living, Dining, Bedroom, Storage, Décor, Outdoor, Kids Zone and Collections. There are worthy sub-classifications too. For instance, you can choose between Sofa Sets, Single-Seater Sofas, L-Shape Sofas and Sofa-cum-Beds etc. Similarly, if you are searching for some , you can find many options like 6-seater Dining Sets, 4-Seater Dining Sets and Extendable Dining Sets. Such a classified structure isn’t something you find at a conventional furniture store. Obviously, it makes selection easier.

> Enough Information & Transparency

For those who are interested in technicalities, every product page of FurnSpace provides enough information on the furniture. Even when you select a simple coffee table, you’ll get to know its dimensions — along with a practical diagram —, shape, material and warranty details. As we said earlier, FurnSpace is very transparent in almost all matters, be it Cash on Delivery or Easy Returns. It’s as secure as purchasing furniture from local stores, except for the addition of top-notch quality and easier selection.

> The Sure-Shot Possibility of Affordability

It’s pretty clear that FurnSpace products are comparatively affordable, if we consider the normal rates of the common premium products. The reasons are simple, as you know. Through the clever use of eCommerce & transparent delivery system, some collateral costs are brought down. Even when we take the case of solid wood furniture, you’re saving a lot in the long run. If you manage to purchase FurnSpace products during a sale, you can save up to 40%, which is great in the case of home furniture.

We believe these reasons are enough to attract customers who need top-quality premium furniture at relatively affordable costs. It’s a great world of wooden collection too, you know.

The Bottom Line

Considering all these features and wide variety of options, FurnSpace is something quite dependable. You’d not have to wait for lines or limit yourself to the collections in a physical store. It’s just a matter of days that you need for receiving the best solid wood furniture and other exotic collections and getting it installed. The only limitation is the deliverable areas, which should be improved in the time to come. In short, FurnSpace is the new way of purchasing furniture for your home. Sure, it’s indeed an impressive way, with a lot of perks to have on the go, and affordability and transparency are just some of those perks.

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