Mobile gambling has in recent times, with more people than ever before choosing to play on their mobiles. From classical casino gambling like roulette and blackjack to more modern games like slots, players can now simply whip out their mobile and play for real money – anytime, anywhere. Another advantage is that players can even hit up their favourite casino site on their phone browser, using their phone or tablet as they would their PC to login to their accounts and get started.

But there is a more convenient way, of course. Mobile apps provide for a more all-encompassing experience for those who use them, as well as being much quicker and more direct for when you’re looking to gamble. For iOS users, this hasn’t been a problem – it’s been easy to simply pop on to the App Store, find your casino’s app, and download and get started for free.

But for Android users, it’s been a whole different challenge altogether. The Play Store has been traditionally unwelcoming to gambling apps, and until very recently, you couldn’t get a gambling app on the Play Store at all. Now, with the barriers lifted, Android users can enjoy the same freedom to browser and download different gambling apps to their device, without the need to find a direct link.

So what will this mean for online casino operators, players, and the wider online gambling industry?

More Convenient For Your Average Android Gambler

If you’re the owner of an Android device and you’ve ever tried searching for casino apps in the past, you’ll know just how difficult that process has been. Until very recently, gambling apps weren’t searchable on Android devices, so your only option was to click the direct link from the casino’s mobile page. But by the time you’ve got yourself to the casino’s mobile page on your Android phone or tablet, it was just as easy to play in browser – and arguably less hassle.

Today, that’s all changed, and now it’s more convenient than ever for gamblers with Android devices to get hold of their favourite casino apps. This is good news from a consumer standpoint, and means Android players are likely to feel more engaged, and more inclined to gamble regularly when they have the app to hand. In this respect, the average Android gamer will feel more included in the world of casino apps, and will be better placed to get involved in the action, straight from their device.

Better Access For Casino Operators

On the corresponding side of this improved convenience you’ll find now have better access than ever before to a huge chunk of their market. We know that players are increasingly favouring mobile gambling over and above desktop, and Android devices still significantly outnumber iOS devices. So in making apps available from the Play Store, whole swathes of new gamers have been brought into the fold, that would have previously missed out from the full mobile gambling experience.

This is clearly a commercial opportunity for casinos too, who will now be able to offer their services to players who might previously have missed out. It’s not that these players couldn’t bet before on their Android devices – they could. It’s just now so much more convenient for them to do so, which means a new demographic has opened up for casino operators to target.

Improved Mobile Revenues

This is expected to translate into a revenues boost for casino operators, as more players than ever before find it easy enough to access the full range of gambling services available on their mobile. Mobile gaming is already generating significant revenues for online casino operators, and is one of the fastest growing segments of the market. It makes sense, then, than rolling this out to new collections of Android gamers would only further bolster growth, and the casino operators will hope to see this reflected in their revenue results in due course.

Good news for investors, as well as for casino operators, with access to new markets almost always a commercial opportunity. To turn this into a concrete gain, operators now have to make sure their platforms on Android are worthy of the increased attention, and do as much as possible to convert casual downloaders into depositing players.

Seamless Cross-Channel Gambling

But arguably one of the most significant impacts for everyone involved is the increased potential for cross-channel gambling. With IOS users, this has been available for some time – players can setup an account online at work, then login on the bus on the way home on their mobile, then complete their day gambling the night away on their tablet in bed. Because of the seamless interchange between multiple devices, gamblers can reach out at any time of the day or night, in any circumstance, whenever they fancy a flutter.

Extending this same flexibility to Android players means whole new audiences of players, including many long-time customers of the big operators, now have access to this same experience. And by all accounts, it’s proved effective amongst iOS games, both for the gamers themselves, and for casino operators.

With the much larger Android Play Store now on board, there’s no doubt this could be set to have a huge impact on the wider gambling industry.

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