When it comes to battling it out for which is the best, there is the age-old battle of the sexes, which is an ancient one, that we’re afraid has been going on since the dawn of time, and will probably continue on until the end of time. There is also the battle between BMW drivers versus Mercedes Benz drivers; each vehicle offers tremendous power and punch where it matters, but again, there are those individuals that prefer one over the other.

It appears that the biggest battle going on in today’s digital world is the battle of the Operating Systems. Which mobile OS would you opt for, which mobile OS is just right for you? The question is ever this: will it be iOS or Android that powers your mobile casino gaming experience?

It has being ‘sold’ to us that in order to remain ahead of the curve, and in order to ‘‘, we need to make sure we have in hand the latest and newest smartphones, mobile devices and that we, of course, will need all the added tidbits that are quite essential to the smooth operating of said devices. Living in this digital era, each and every one of us is subject to a horde of marketing tactics, coercing us to tap into the latest trends and buy into the newest, technological ‘toys’ and grandest gadgets.

It is exactly because of this surge of technological advancements, and the sheer level of increased numbers of people that are in possession of smartphones and multiple types of mobile devices that has seen the casino online gaming world heed the call to provide a product that is superior and on par with only the best of the best when it comes to technological advancements.

The table below is a quick glance look at the pros and cons of iOS versus Android:

Device Top Features Verdict
iOS Top Security, Established brand, therefore trusted and secure. Great graphics as well, a Macintosh staple! Best option for Business devices, as the security is out of this world, therefore all sensitive info will remain integral
Android Accessible and easy-to-use. Offers great storage options and many free apps. Best option for the individual that loves collecting apps, for free. Best OS for those seeking storage space as well.

Software developers of the mobile casino industry, these days need to take themselves to the task of being able to create and build native iOS and Android operating software. This way, all avid mobile game players will be able to access their fav games, regardless of which OS they decide is indeed the right fit for them.

The important thing about these mobile apps (in particular mobile casino apps) is that they need to be iOS and Android compatible applications. This is something that top-notch mobile casinos will implement in all their mobile gaming apps, just like mFortune Casino has done. Players will rest easy knowing that being able to is possible for both operating system types. Whether using an iOS-operated mobile device or an Android-operated mobile device, each player will have full access to all the same products and services offered.

Similarly, in the gaming world at large, thanks to the advent of wireless internet and the widespread access that is available for everyone when it comes to WIFI hotspots, internet cafes, home networks and so forth – anyone and everyone is able to simply log in to their gaming account, from wherever they may find themselves, and at any time of the day that they may deem appropriate to get their game on.

It is pretty much a normal occurrence these days, for a reputable top casino online gambling site to be able to offer their clientele the option of downloading their casino online app, be it on their iPhone, their iPad, their Android smartphone, or even their various tablets that they may employ as gameplay devices.

Yet, all in all – what the above alludes to is the fact that most every gaming operator acknowledges that this battle between the OS is far from being over, and there will always be at least one individual batting for the cause of the other… in turn, this is why there is provision made by mobile casino game creators, and operators, to ensure that all their offerings are compatible with both operating systems.

In closing, when it comes to Android versus iOS as the best OS to choose for a mobile experience that is optimal, you’ll really need to just leave at this: choosing the right OS is really all down to sheer taste, preference and opinion.

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