Font Awesome is very popular icon toolkit used across many websites. It has both free and pro collection of icons, but you can find most the icons in free collection itself. Each icon will represented by unicode (). We use this unicode to display the icon in TextView. As it’s a normal TextView, all the text styling attributes (color, size, paddings etc.,) can be applied.

For an example if you want to display android Robot logo, you can use  unicode as TextView value.


1. Font Awesome Android Library

In order to use the font awesome icon collection, you have to add the font awesome font files to your assets directly and apply the appropriate fontFace on to TextView which is simpler task. But we want the icons to be displayed in other widgets also like in Buttons, Menus, Bottom Navigation and Navigation Drawer etc,. Displaying icon in non-textual views takes some effort. So I have written a by incorporating all the necessary methods to render the icons in multiple widgets.

To get started, include the fontawesome in your build.gradle and sync your project.

dependencies {
    // font awesome
    implementation 'info.androidhive:fontawesome:0.0.5'

2. How to use it?

2.1 Displaying Icon in TextView

The easiest way to display the font icon is, use the FontTextView text by setting the appropriate icon name as text value. This widget extends from AppCompatTextView, so all the text view attributes applies to this widget.

            app:solid_icon="true" />
  • solid_icon: To display solid icon, set this value as true.
  • brand_icon: To display brand icon, set this value as true.

2.2 Using FontDrawable

Using the icon in xml layout is easy, but if you want to use the icon for other widget like button or menu, you can use the FontDrawable element to apply the icon.

For an example, if you want to use the font awesome icon to Floating Action Button, you can use the FontDrawable as shown below.

FloatingActionButton fab = findViewById(;

// using paper plane icon for FAB
FontDrawable drawable = new FontDrawable(this, R.string.fa_paper_plane_solid, true, false);

// white color to icon
drawable.setTextColor(ContextCompat.getColor(this, android.R.color.white));

2.3 Using in Menus (Bottom Navigation, Navigation Drawer etc.,)

You can also use the font icons in the widgets that uses menu file to render the items like Toolbar icons, Bottom Navigation, Navigation Drawer etc., To render the icon in menus, you can use the FontDrawable to set the icons, but it needs few hacks through java code.

The below example shows rending the font awesome icons in Navigation Drawer menu. Full example can be found here.

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity
        implements NavigationView.OnNavigationItemSelectedListener {
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


     * Changing navigation drawer icons
     * This involves looping through menu items and applying icons
    private void intDrawerLayout() {
        NavigationView navigationView = findViewById(;

        ImageView iconHeader = navigationView.getHeaderView(0).findViewById(;
        FontDrawable drawable = new FontDrawable(this, R.string.fa_font_awesome, false, true);
        drawable.setTextColor(ContextCompat.getColor(this, android.R.color.white));

        int[] icons = {
                R.string.fa_home_solid, R.string.fa_calendar_alt_solid, R.string.fa_user_solid,
                R.string.fa_heart_solid, R.string.fa_comment_solid, R.string.fa_dollar_sign_solid, R.string.fa_gift_solid
        renderMenuIcons(navigationView.getMenu(), icons, true, false);

        int[] iconsSubmenu = {R.string.fa_cog_solid, R.string.fa_sign_out_alt_solid};

        renderMenuIcons(navigationView.getMenu().getItem(7).getSubMenu(), iconsSubmenu, true, false);

     * Looping through menu icons are applying font drawable
    private void renderMenuIcons(Menu menu, int[] icons, boolean isSolid, boolean isBrand) {
        for (int i = 0; i < menu.size(); i++) {
            MenuItem menuItem = menu.getItem(i);
            if (!menuItem.hasSubMenu()) {
                FontDrawable drawable = new FontDrawable(this, icons[i], isSolid, isBrand);
                drawable.setTextColor(ContextCompat.getColor(this, R.color.icon_nav_drawer));

I hope you like this library. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Coding πŸ™‚

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    • Which icon set you are referring native android icons to?

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          • I got your point. These two has different collection of icon sets. Not all the icons are available in android icon set. Again it depends on your requirement. I recently worked on an app that has few hundreds of icons to be displayed from which user can select one. I choose font awesome as it has great collection.

            Also in this library, I used the font files ttf directly instead of svgs because of the time crunch.

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    • I have given an example on how to render the icons in menu file. You can use the same to render the bottom navigation.

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    • Preparing one article on Dagger2 and MVVM. It takes 2-3 weeks to prepare.

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    • Example 1: Setting fa icon value directly in xml
      Example 2: Programatically displaying icon in Android views like buttons, fab.
      Example 3: Using the icons in widgets that uses menu files to render icons.

      Let me know if this is still not clear.

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    JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
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    I’m having trouble with this. My icons are not rendering properly. Most of them are showing up as a rectangular box.

    I added the three java files into a folder: “com.mycompany.appname.fontawesome”
    Then I changed package name in the files to match folder path

    I added the three .ttf files to the assets folder

    I added the strings to strings.xml
    I added the attribs file to the “res/values” folder

    I added this to build.gradle: implementation ‘info.androidhive:fontawesome:0.0.5’

    Here is my textview:

    What am I missing here?

    thanks in advance!

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    1. download code
    2. file > new > import module in Android Studio
    3. select the font awesome subfolder and finish the import wizard
    4. if not using artifactory, delete or comment that code in build.gradle
    5. make sure: targetSdkVersion and compileSdkVersion = 28
    6. put the .ttf files into your assets folder
    7. try to build project. If it don’t work at that point it should be something minimal. Try posting on stackoverflow because it looks like he has abandoned replying on this discussion…

    *You can also run the downloaded project and dissect it to see how it works.

    **Do not download individual files from github. Download the whole zip file

    ***If icons don’t render properly, try putting fresh copies of the .ttf files into your assets folder

    Hope this helps!

    …and I would like to humbly thank the author of this code for the work he did!

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    • Is it a web font?

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          Update: It’s not a web font but a font-awesome.ttf file. How can I use it in my android app ?

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      Yes PHP is easiest way to get started but once you got enough knowledge move onto RoR or Django.

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